Class 2 (memories)

       “That dream story”

Here, i have written one of the uninteresting real story about my class fellows.

 I didn’t meet and have no longer contact with my childhood school fellows from last ten years. 


In 2002, one morning we were sitting in the class. At that time I was in class 2.

I was naughty student of the class and some other classmates too. We played many games in the class.

As we were children someone (name will be mentioned in the book) came to the class put bag on the chair. Then was telling us to share something about dream with 5 friends who came early to the school yet there was time was for assembly.

First someone was laughing that how foolish brother someone had. Someone was laughing and telling us that brother of someone shared his dream in the morning with someone that he thought dream and one of class fellow came in his dream who was fighting with him. 

The way someone was telling us actually i couldn’t utter them but still remembered these words which were spoken in Urdu. 

( Mera bhai Hamza mujhe btaa raha ta k us ne ek khwaab SOOCHA/SOOJA k ap k best friend ayi us k khwaab me aur us ne Hamza k sath larhai ki ap apny friend se kaho k mere sath larhai na kary) 

We all laughed and enjoyed someone’s younger brother dream who was studying in our school as well. 

Note: It was not only about the story but those unforgettable moments which I am always telling to myself. I hate the school most in my life. Not sure about them but my memory is strong and I can recall many things of my childhood.